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About us

Groupe GSL is a company which, since 1989, helps small business owners and managers to achieve their objectives by offering them practical and personalized solutions to support them in their managerial tasks.

Groupe GSL acts as a consultant, intermediary and investor. Its interventions are mainly devoted to the financial dimension of the business. However, our team also oversees accounting, taxation and legal aspects and offers support in operations management. Our clientele is made up of active entrepreneurs with business projects in which we can share our “know-how” and experience acquired in the field. This support is complemented by the benefits that these entrepreneurs will derive from our network of contacts in the business community.

 Success is our focus. Our primary objective is to deliver added value to customers, by providing them with customized consulting services and professional guidance. All skilled professionals revolving around Groupe GSL work with a constant concern for efficiency, quality and integrity.

Groupe GSL has contributed to the profitable growth of Quebec and Canadian companies since its creation.


Contact Jonathan Landry, CFA Business Consultant and Investor via LinkedIn.


Contact Raymond LandryAdm.A President Groupe GSL via LinkedIn.


Our mission is to foster business health and growth in each of our interventions. Our slogan defines our corporate culture and guide us in our activities as well as in the relationships we nurture with our customers, suppliers and partners.